It is a know hazard and industries are doing their very best to rid themselves of it. Recommendations Almost all e-liquids derive their taste out of food flavorings and so it’s obvious that many of the flavors available today contain diacetyl. We are very proud of these results and invite you to take a look for yourself! While there should be more going into studies, nobody should be countering the idea that it’s at least not as bad for you as smoking is. I know common sense isn’t that common these days but by labeling everyone the same based on a knee jerk reaction, it does a disservice to everyone. I read it all. And finally make sure that it is considered to be something that kids are not allowed to do at any age earlier than the legal age for smoking a cigarette. There’s More Diacetyl in Cigarettes Than E-Juice… Most vapers will undoubtedly already be aware of … In the 1990s, eight microwave popcorn manufacturers were found to be using diacetyl (DA) as the additive. Many e-juice companies will claim their products are diacetyl free because their flavor manufacturer told them that. Meanwhile children die every year from consuming regulated cleaning products, medicines, or fire arms left in easy reach. © Vaping Daily, All Rights Reserved, 2020. As we said, we're proud of our results and we want to make sure you can understand just how clean our vape juices are! The rest of our vape juice recipes are diacetyl free. The report found: “We evaluated concerns about exposure to vaping-related chemicals in a vape shop. Better safe than sorry. Email: Note to add, we need to highlight the stronger addiction to vape nicotine. If there were a legitimate study that came out and after long term research there was some serious likely harm to vape the way I am doing at that time I would stop. I was not sure I would like vaping and so held off a long time before making an investment in something I may not like. Our award winning chocolate flavor, Death by Chocolate, has been out of stock for a couple of months. Thanks for subscribing to our mailing list, Popcorn lung, or bronchiolitis obliterans. The diacetyl level found in tobacco smoke has been measured at 335.9 micrograms. Shopping Options Shop By. But for now we have to make a choice for ourselves what we want to do. We know from all of your emails and calls that a lot of customers are anxiously awaiting its return! So fight for your rights to control what you put in your own body. To some extent this is true. We also have an in-house GCMS machine in our lab. Let me tell you why. As for now, there is no scientifically proven evidence that acetoin in vape juice causes any negative effect on human health. Currently, there is no evidence that vaping diacetyl causes disease. I do treat vaping in the same way I do cigarettes when it comes to vaping in public. They tested several flavors from each of eight different brands. I can’t say I really feel the nicotine at all as I am not a cloud chaser and like cool vapor. offices, restaurants, schools, hospitals, in the same way smoking is? The lab facility in Gainesville, FL is state of the art. While I am proud of the steps that we have taken to ensure we eliminate this risk for our customers, I am also disturbed by the large number of vape juice companies that are still including these compounds in their e-liquids. We don’t have to go outside many times a day to feed that addiction. I don’t have congested lungs and wheezing and cough up gross stuff. Our e-liquid and other products have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration nor are they intended to treat, prevent or cure any disease or condition. WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Many of the best vape juice companies do not use diacetyl in any of their products. I want USA pharmaceutical grade nicotine for example. I don’t drink alcohol or do drugs so it is my one vice. Get vape juice with free shipping and no minimum order. There are e-liquid brands that were using diacetyl at the time. I don’t think that will happen I think it will be easily purchased regardless of stupid stupid laws such as that. This doesn’t stop the issue being blown out of proportion. Here are three examples of companies that offer diacetyl free vape juice and publish independent lab reports to verify the quality and accuracy of their ingredients: Halo vape juices are made in the USA. Since the Harvard study, many people began calling for regulation to keep diacetyl, acetoin and pentanedione out of vape juice and the FDA is finally moving in that direction although it has yet to set exact limits on these compounds. I say we make sure that any chemicals in vape juice be known and if they are a hazard such as I believe Diacetyl should be banned unless and until it is proven save for inhalation in the quantities that people who vape intake. i think the above posters are jumping the gun a little – there is no evidence either way as it stands, plus for those that consume alcohol your consuming more than a vape outputs anyway, i think people are over reacting its a tiny amount of diacetyl just buy it with out – problem solved. Let’s start at square one. I enjoy vaping. Growing brains don’t need booze and drugs destroying it before it has a chance to mature. Popcorn lung is very rare, with only a few cases besides the ones mentioned already, so it seems like the warning against diacetyl from vaping may be premature. One big problem is that vaping is considered “a tobacco product”. The Vapocalypse may have passed, but the sweeping regulations slowly pulverizing the vaping industry will be claiming many more victims in the months ahead. I was very happy to find out about Diacetyl. Attendees and vendors are exposed to high concentrations of hazardous pollutants during a vaping convention. So when you ask your e-juice manufacturer if their flavors contain diacetyl, you also have to ask them how they know. When I asked about pentanedione, I saw a cloud pass behind his eyes and I could tell that he didn’t know what I was talking about but he still answered no. As an vaper the best way to ensure that you are vaping a "clean" e liquid is to choose to buy yours from a reputable retailer. If the vaping industry does not do that themselves then it is that much more ammunition for those wanting to ban vaping. I would not like it but I could as I am not addicted to such a low amount of nicotine. Quite obviously there is NO tobacco in vape juice. To not push for that is not going to look good on the part of people for vaping. We need to keep in mind that tobacco cigarettes contain 301-433 ppm of diacetyl, 100 times more than when it is present in e-cigarettes. That is long gone and has to be good. GCMS machines are commonly used in forensic science as well as at airport security check points and are known for their extreme accuracy in detecting even trace elements in a given sample. Ecommerce Software by Shopify, You must be of legal age to shop at Kai's Virgin Vapor, {"id":"", "email":"","default_address":null,"first_name":"","last_name":"","name":"" }. I strongly support regulation but I also feel it is sad that the vape juice industry as a whole did not take the steps to police itself. Why do e-juice manufacturers include these compounds to begin with? Organizations like Harvard University are studying whether the diacetyl in vape products may harm human health. GCMS stands for gas chromatography–mass spectrometry, a sophisticated analytical method for analyzing compounds present in a given sample. I don’t feel the head rush of that first morning cigarette which is fine. Premium Nicotine, USP grade PG / VG, Flavor extracts. As a consumer, another thing you can look for is transparency. While I agree that more research needs to be done about vaping so that common sense legislation may be put in place, I think that a few big points are being lost in the sauce. I vape because I enjoy it. It is in the flavor ingredients. It gives vape juice manufacturers a competitive advantage to include diacetyl because most consumers won’t know to ask and will prefer the taste. If there were a study to come out that I trusted and said that vaping was a serious enough health risk the way I use it I would stop. 19 comments on “Is Diacetyl Vape Something You Need To Worry About?”. But what was the real cause of the accident and could it have been avoided? Cigarette smoke exposes tobacco users to exponentially higher diacetyl levels than e-cigarette vapor that contains diacetyl. Sign up to get the latest on sales, new releases and more …, 3555 Westwind Blvd Santa Rosa, CA 95403 USA(844) 303-4545M-F 8 am to 3 pm PST. We have Certificates of Analysis showing all of our flavors do not contain these compounds with a detection limit of a fraction of a part per million. Diacetyl is how they get your microwave popcorn to taste savory and buttery. While there is no known connection between a diacetyl vape and lung conditions. Look for companies that post independent lab reports of their vape juice ingredients. But it shows the possibility for crazy things to be made in to laws is a present danger.