Oh no, "Petey come back come back, come back!!!" Once the bird understands this rule, you have a greater change of retrieving your parakeet if he gets lost. 6 Years. Just have hope and there may be a chance it will come back. There is nothing more horrifying than seeing your bird fly off into the wild blue yonder. My parakeet flew out and i couldn't see her and i am leaving the door hoping that she will fly back on her cage. This comes in handy for parakeets with unclipped wings or if a window is left open and the bird wonders off. If she flies away, retrieve her and put her back, practicing “Up” on the way back to the perch, your knee, or the back … He seen me last night calling him … read more I put my pet parakeets outside in their cage when it's warm, I always put a padlock on the door, well they got away somehow because the cage was still locked. My parakeet's tail was clipped when I got him and it took about two weeks for it to grow back to its original length. You feel so helpless and maybe tears start to well up in your eyes, knowing your beloved is out of reach. How to Get Your Parakeet to Come Back to the House if He Flew Away By Karen Mihaylo. I don't need sarcasm please I feel bad enough, just want to get them home I'm guessing no but would like some input, well going back out to look for them VERY worried about them . I have waited 2 hours and it's almost night time. I hope Steve will come back home. you can try leaving the cage out somewhere where the bird can see it with lots of snacks in it but if it escaped outside it may be hard to get the bird back. Those are dreadful words to voice when your bird accidentally escapes outside your home. Their feathers grow quickly and the tail should begin to heal quite rapidly, don't stress over lost feathers; sometimes it happens. Put your bird on a towel on the back of the couch, in a small enclosed room or hallway, or on a play stand. i lost my parakeet. Not long ago one of my budgies flew away (which as really my friends but wasnt allowed to have one at her house so i keep it for her) and my friend wrote a facebook status saying that she has hope in her budgie and she loves him, a couple days later he came back … Recalling means your bird will come to you on command. my parakeet flew away will it come back, one of my budgie flew away, one of my parakeet flew away, one of my parakeets flew away, parakeet flew away, will my budgie come back. So is it possible they will come back? You watch in horror as your beloved parakeet flies through the open door. May 26, 2013 #5 ... May 26, 2013 1 0 6. my parakeet Baby also flew away she was a very nice parakeet she flew away may 8 this year and never came back. He flew out of my house and he has been gone 14 hours or so. Jun 4, 2013 #6 Red-tailed Hawk Chirping. Follow quickly and try to keep him in your sight. An owner may have to go away for some hours, and the cage is the safest place for the bird to be when no human is near to keep an eye on things. I was wondering the chances of him coming back and if they can sense their territory. Thread Tools: Show Printable Version. If your budgie flew away : if you found this page because your parakeet flew away, you may be able to get your parakeet to come back by putting his or her bird cage outside with the door open and food and water within view, or by putting another bird outside in the hopes that it will sing and entice your budgie to come back. I thought she might come back because she is hungry or thirsty. Email this Page. My bugies name is Bluey and she is also 7 years old and blue :). The Parrot Has a Mind and Will of Its Own. I need a lot of help. I also brought my other parakeet out which can't fly yet to see if he can chirp and she might chirp back. i have two parakeets and i keep their cage door open so they can fly around and when they are hungry or thirsty they can just go back to their cages. my bird SpongeBob and her was good friends. Comstock/Stockbyte/Getty Images. Click on a term to search for related topics. He tweets even more then he did when she flew away . Then leave her there while you do some quiet activity. Let her sit at first. Realistically speaking, there are times when a parrot has to go back inside its cage.