Find out how to get your home inspection ready. Pre-Listing Preparation Checklist for Real Estate Sellers gives tips for home sellers on how to prepare their homes to sell for the best price ... We do whatever it takes to make our listings show like model homes. Sellers are required to complete and submit the Resale Checklist online via the Resale Checklist for Sellers/Buyers e-Service at least seven (7) days before they grant the Option to Purchase to buyers. Paint the outside of your home if needed. Phone: (330) 604-0544 Email:, @copyright North Ohio Property Inspection - Website by, 12 Ways to Reduce Your Home’s Energy and Maintenance Costs. If you have children, pack away as many of their toys as possible. Download and print the checklist for handy reference! Steam clean the carpeting or replace if necessary. Pre-Showing Checklist for Sellers. Garage: Buyers will pay a premium for a garage if they can visualize it being of value to them, but it’s hard to sell when the garage is filled and overflowing. A pre-listing home inspection is a must before you list your home for sale. The condition and appearance of your home can significantly affect the selling price you will ultimately receive. Potted plants and flowers will make your home look beautiful and tell a buyer you care about your home. As the alert chimes in that a new showing has been requested, beads of sweat form on your brow as you perform an initial perimeter scan. Purchase a new shower curtain if it is dirty. Prior to putting your home on the market it is a recommended that you have your home pre-inspected to avoid any potential problems or delays in the sale of your home and to also save you time and money. 4. By giving this to a seller (and maybe some sneaky time management tips), you provide an incentive to get shit done. A pre-listing packet contains a wealth of valuable information relating to the sale of a given property. E. Deliver confirmation package to them. • Moving Checklist ..... 12 Table of Contents Seller Checklists This content is provided for informational purposes only and is not to ... and sellers in property transfers. Trim trees, roots and bushes away from the foundation, roof, siding, and chimney 4. The condition, appearance and functionality of your home will have a significant impact on how much you sell for, how many offers you receive, and how much time you spend going back and forth after the inspection. We are the stagers! Pay extra attention to kitchens and bathrooms as this is a high value area that people tend to look at with a more critical eye, this should include: Cleaning the stove, exhaust hood, fridge, counters and inside of cabinets, Cleaning toilet bowls and shower lining/tracks. LISTING-APPOINTMENT PRESENTATION ACTIVITIES × 19. Review broker’s and company’s credentials and accomplishments in the market with the seller(s) 20. Research sampling of currently listed comparable properties. The Home Inspector’s Pre-Listing Seller Checklist. The italicized documents can be found below. Refinish if necessary or clean and polish all floors. Today’s consumer are tech savvy and will judge your home on those first photos. The pre-listing seller checklist every agent should use. The stress of showing your home comes down to finding yourself ill prepared at a moment's notice. Email Address: Password: Contact Marilyn. Pre-Showing Checklist for Sellers. The way we live and the way we need to live when selling a home are drastically different. If necessary, you should rent a storage locker. The information being provided is for consumers' personal, non-commercial use and may not be used for any purpose Your agent will guide you on design aspects such as staging, layout, and de-cluttering, but we want to talk about the common home inspection items that will save you money, time and prevent buyer’s from getting spooked.