Beginning with version 1.1.819.0, Azure AD Connect includes a wizard to configure hybrid Azure AD join. The Azure AD Connect instance we're running was setup before Hybrid AD Join was a thing. Is there a way to remove the Azure AD registered state from these devices all at once without breaking their connection to company resources? Controlled validation of hybrid Azure AD join on Windows down-level devices. This means that the Co-Management must be up and running in order to fully complete the process from Intune, for example, to push default applications. The wizard configures the service connection points (SCPs) for device registration. The first step to setting up hybrid Azure AD joined devices is to configure Azure AD Connect. And as you guided me last time this is a super useful link for device registration flows in different scenarios: As organisations continue to hunt down new operational efficiencies and the adoption of cloud-based SaaS applications continues to increase, we're now being asked “do I need my on-premises Active Directory anymore? In this tutorial, you learn how to configure hybrid Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) join for Active Directory domain-joined devices. This week ,have got another issue that was related to workplace join for windows 7. In such cases, Windows 10 Hybrid Azure AD join provides limited support for on-premises AD UPNs based on the authentication method, domain type and Windows 10 version. For example, if is the primary domain in Azure AD, contoso.local is the primary domain in on-premises AD but is not a verifiable domain in the internet and only used within Contoso's network. In Overview, select Next. And the lonely created AAD object by autpilot has the azureaddevice id what match with the objectid of the AD object. Hybrid Azure AD join is currently not supported if your environment consists of a single AD forest synchronizing identity data to more than one Azure AD tenant. You can follow the steps listed here for unjoining a device from Azure AD. To resolve this issue, you need to unjoin the device from Azure AD (run "dsregcmd /leave" with elevated privileges) and rejoin (happens automatically). This field indicates whether the device is registered with Azure AD as a personal device (marked as Workplace Joined). You can deploy a managed environment by using password hash sync (PHS) or pass-through authentication (PTA) with seamless single sign-on. I've run into an issue when implementing MFA for a set of devices where I'm unable to set an exclusion rule because of this fact. We'd prefer to clean up Azure AD registered state before deploying hybrid join. Found excellent blog from Sergii,which had a solution for a different Hybrid Device Join error – Unregistered status. If you configure proxy settings on your computer by using WinHTTP settings, any computers that can't connect to the configured proxy will fail to connect to the internet. Server Core OS doesn't support any type of device registration. Remove From My Forums; Asked by: Microsoft Intune - Autopilot Whiteglove Hybrid Azure AD join - Domain join step fails. ... (1607). At the end, I executed the Get-AutopilotDiagnostics.ps1 script (described here) which I’ve enhance to show key Hybrid Azure AD device registration events:. However, for a Hybrid Azure AD joined device, the Autopilot deployment profile does not contain the same computer naming configuration capabilities, this is controlled with a different profile named the Domain Join profile, a Device Configuration profile type. Hybrid Azure AD join works with both, managed and federated environments depending on whether the UPN is routable or non-routable. If installing the required version of Azure AD Connect is not an option for you, see how to manually configure device registration. In a managed domain the certificate for the device would be used to authenticate the device in AAD. If your devices have FIPS-compliant TPM 1.2, you must disable them before proceeding with Hybrid Azure AD join. Configure hybrid Azure AD join. If you are relying on the System Preparation Tool (Sysprep) and if you are using a pre-Windows 10 1809 image for installation, make sure that image is not from a device that is already registered with Azure AD as Hybrid Azure AD join. It is applicable only within your organization's private network. Bringing your devices to Azure AD maximizes user productivity through single sign-on (SSO) across your cloud and on-premises resources. Reply. "To cleanup Azure AD: Windows 10 devices - Disable or delete Windows 10 devices in your on-premises AD, and let Azure AD Connect synchronize the changed device status to Azure AD." Lets say we configure the hybrid Azure AD join in Azure AD connect but we dont configure GPOs to enable/disable to Automatic registration. Recently i blogged about Hybrid Azure AD Workplace join issue that was causing because of internet explorer user authentication setting .For more information ,please read this article here. Review the article controlled validation of hybrid Azure AD join to understand how to accomplish it. When you ‘Hybrid join’ a device, it means that it is visible in both your on-premises AD and in Azure AD.