(see below). Bird Rescue / Injured Birds Recently, I had come across an injured Wilson’s Warbler and wasn’t sure where to turn too. Arenson, Thomas Keller Birds (including small raptors) 817-991-0630 cell (8am - 8pm) No text messages please. Sometimes the best thing to do is nothing. Oregon’s licensed wildlife rehabilitators care for sick, injured and truly orphaned wildlife. provides humane capture of injured/orphaned wiIdIife deemed by our wiIdIife bioIogist, to be in need of human intervention. If you find a pigeon (or a dove) in need, please bring the bird indoors to safety and contact those closest and, if needed, ask for referrals to others closer. A local wildlife rehabilitator should be contacted for additional instruction. If you see an injured bird inside your yard, please keep dogs and cats inside or away from it until it can move on or be captured. INJURED BIRD The City of Albuquerque does not pick-up injured birds unless they are a bird of prey: eagles, hawks, owls, falcons, etc. What should you do if you see a sick or injured animal? This is a list of local wildlife rehabilitators. If you hear it scratching around in the bag or box, it’s probably time to release it outdoors. More information. Non reIeasabIe birds have permanent safe sanctuary and heIp promote awareness. Godbey, Beverly Fort Worth Small mammals and birds (no raptors) 817-475-1760 (8am - 10pm) or beverly@godbey.com Hoyt, Lee Frisco Small mammals, … After a post in the Orange County Yahoo Birding listserv , I received numerous replies of local organizations to contact for injured bird assistance as well as How To Care For An Injured Bird. We aIso offer save haven for dumped/escaped pet birds (exotics or domestics) WiId birds receive rehabiIitation and reIease to the wiId. California Wildlife Center Cares for all wildlife species 26026 Piuma Road Calabasas, CA 91302 (818) 222-2658 Emergency Hotline: (310) 458-9453 Skywatch is a 501c3 Nonprofit wiId bird rescue, state & federaIIy Iicensed for injured/orphaned migratory birds. Pigeon & Dove Friendly Rescues USA (Partial list) & Palomacy Facebook Group (Join for help) Pigeons in distress need expert help but sadly, many rescues turn them away. View Website New Tab: CONTACT: 877-596-7776 AII Species Kinship (A.S.K.) Instructions for handling injured birds can be found below. Unless you are a trained and licensed animal rehabilitator, any action you take may endanger the animal as well as yourself. They are permitted by ODFW and governed by a set of rules. operates direct-outreach services to enhance the Iives of 24/7 outside dogs on the spot. If the bird is injured, please take it to a wildlife rehabilitator. If you can, coax the bird into a cardboard box which has some air holes in the sides and close the box and place in a protected, dark, and quiet spot inside your home or garage if the garage is room temperature. Some options: Atlanta Wild Animal Rescue Effort (AWARE Wildlife Center) in Lithonia, GA, is a good place to start. This map shows just a few that will help (we are always adding more). Put the container in a dark, quiet place, away from pets and children, close the door and leave the bird alone for 20–30 minutes. Call ODFW, OSP or a licensed wildlife rehabilitator before picking up or moving any wildlife. If you find an injured wild bird or other wild animal, your first response is to help. Georgia Audubon is not able to capture, transport, or rehabilitate injured or orphaned birds. A.S.K. If you have found a bird that needs help, you will need to contact a licensed wildlife rehabilitator. Moreover, you may be in violation of Federal or state wildlife management laws.