You can find thousands of how to videos on YouTube. Or not so much? Though these are more expensive, in the end, you will have a MUCH nicer look. As successful as their business is, they have achieved even greater success in the sense of being good people. Backsplash tiles with tiny piece are a pain in the butt, even for experienced tile installers. Try ordering a sample here and see what you think. It's also easier to replace. Tips and Tricks for Planning a Tile Project, Update Your Backsplash – The Step by Step Guide from a Pro, 7 point checklist for starting a bathroom remodel. Sarah C. My parents used peel and stick tiles because their kitchen/dining area was an irregular shape and there would be less waste than using rolled vinyl. Durable: FloorPops peel and stick floor tiles are water-resistant and the vinyl material makes them super durable. Just stick the stuff up there and then take it down when you move or when you’re tired of it. You have yourself a brand spanking new back splash. Just do some research online or get a friend to help who has done it before. We found the tiles to be easy to put down and they adhered well to our subfloor. 7 Point Checklist for Starting a Bathroom Remodel. Otherwise, those tiles are just going to fall off. We had Tile With A Smile out for a shower replacement estimate. Share your thoughts about this article with the editor. Also, very few kitchens are perfectly square in every inside or outside corner so installing around an “off” corner can throw the level of the tile off. Image Credit: Stephen Paul for Hunker Wall-to-wall carpeting can add softness and warmth to a room, … Holly in TN. Elaine T. in Salem, OR, I used these in my kitchen a few years ago and they looked real good for a while but then they started to shift. They were easy to install and really changed the look of the room. I know Lowe's has stick tiles (more expensive) that have a tapered edge. You won't need any additional glues. The experts at your local store where you buy the tile will be able to help you find the right kind. Ask them about their return policies; we ran into a box that had chipped tiles. They removed them all right but they also completely destroyed the drywall which then had to be repaired before new tile could be installed adding an unnecessary and expensive step. If your funds are super limited, and you just really want to dress up a certain area. It was also a huge budget-saver for us! The tiles weren't properly laid to start with, so there are gaps where the subfloor shows through. Are they durable? No roof removal required, less debris, no smell of tar, no direct flames on the roof. He and his wife Tracie are known by their family and friends as people who radiate happiness and give of themselves for the benefit of others. Quarter-round is cheap, but our time and availability were limited. We wish we'd saved the effort and just taken it up to begin with. We ended up pulling up the offending tiles (they break in pieces) and installing new tiles from ones we had saved. In addition, installing peel-and-stick tiles on a dirty floor will make the tiles loose quicker than you might expect. We did have the benefit of the people at Lowe's who were flooring experts, and they coached us along the way. Tyler Bays, TCB Cleaning. I would say the only plus to the so-called luxury vinyl tile, is seen in the look of a new floor the first month after installation. They encountered quite a bit of trouble with the tiles, though. A hybrid of the two would be peel and stick backsplash tiles meaning peel and stick tiles that have accents to add more to plain kitchens. Keep in mind though that these still are not waterproof. Thanks again Ron ! Jeanne. Also check at the library, asking the reference librarian to find some books or videos on the subject. If you do goof up, keep a hairdryer handy. They also have tips galore to help you out. Smart Shower: What is a Smart Shower & How Does it Work? Once those home improvements are done, why not take some time to improve your finances? The edges and corners just wouldn't stay completely flat. They often call the peel and stick tile “smart tile” but in this case it’s really not so smart. If you’re thinking of putting them near a sink, or any wet area, you may want to use either a clear silicone caulk like this one, or a non-sanded grout like this one, to make sure that you don’t get any moisture in between the tiles, which can then cause the adhesive to break down over time. My most important tip would be to be sure to properly prep the wall. We’ve also talked with quite a few customers about the pros and cons so let’s answer some of the common questions about whether they’re a good option. Then you have tiles popping up, or loose. I … So if the cost to replace carpet with hardwood is a little too steep for you right now, consider putting down some peel-and-stick … If you have even the slightest gap in between the tiles dirt WILL collect in those gaps over the years and there is no way to get it out. How Much Does a Bathroom Remodel or New Tile Shower Cost in Salem Oregon and Marion County, Silverton Oregon Tile Installation Experts, The Must Have Magical Shower Glass Cleaner, Tips and Tricks For Keeping Your Shower Clean and Healthy, The Best Way To Clean Tile Floor Without Breaking Your Back, The Ultimate Guide: Zero Threshold, Curbless Showers, Three of the Most Common Curb-less Shower Problems. These days, peel-and-stick tiles and planks are appearing in all sorts of finishes, including pine. We used these tiles to redo our kitchen a few years ago and so did my sister. For the DIY’er I recommend that they head over to Lowe’s or Home Depot and look for a larger tile. Plus, these products can be installed over just about anything. That is unless your measurements work out precisely for whole tiles all the way across and you line up the grout lines instead of staggering the grout lines. It’s true, in that case, the peel and stick tiles may be the best option. Thank you for all your hard work, Ron. Ask when they anticipate their next sale. Ron – I know it seems like a great idea. But again the tiles just didn't stay flat. Pros of Vinyl Plank Flooring Easy to Install. Pros of peel-and-stick are price and easy installation. Smart? Website Designed by AJ Designz, Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window). Tub to Shower Conversions – Smart? The greatest advantage of peel and stick tile backsplash is that it is exceptionally easy to place on a wall in comparison to any other tiling. The tiles will end up shifting regardless of what you do. He built a custom walk-in shower for my wife and I and it’s absolutely gorgeous !! When making this call, ask for the most experienced person in that department. Try to reposition the tiles – once they’re on they’re on. What we didn't realize until later is that in high traffic areas the tiles shift and show gaps between the tiles. We liked Ron’s work so much eventually the scope of our project increased extensively to include: bathroom floor tiling, backsplash install, fireplace mosaic installs, living room floor tile install, kitchen backsplash, and master bedroom tile floor installation. C.M. The job goes fast once the preliminary work is done. After contacting Ron with my bathroom remodel needs, he was quick to help me in any way that he could. One issue I saw was in a rental property. Removable Wallpaper Pros: Instead of using glue to adhere the paper to the wall, removable wallpaper is backed with a low-tack adhesive. This is why it’s a good idea to buy a few extra to keep on hand. Pros of Peel & Stick Backsplashes with Real Glass, Stone, and Metal These types of peel and stick backsplashes are the closest you can get to real tile. And we'll use peel and stick tile then, too! While they aren’t tile, they don’t look too cheezy. Do they come loose easily? Take some time to measure and figure out the best layout as you want the tiles to be straight. If you decide your not the DIY type – then feel free to contact us here at Tile With A Smile, © 2018 Tile With A Smile. About the only con in dealing with Ron is your going to need to find more room at your dinner table to invite him over for dinner. Her floor has been down five years. Also, if you’re installing self-adhesive wall tile don’t paint the wall and then immediately install tile. This list is short, but so is the … Collect all of your tools before you start. Engineered Wood. If your kitchen isn’t huge you can probably get it done in a weekend. However, they will shift again. Also the tiles against the wall buckled upward because the tiles next to them had shifted and the ones against the wall had no place to go. E, Peel and stick tiles are a nightmare for areas that get traffic. We have almost decided to lay "peel and stick" vinyl tiles in our kitchen and dining room. If that is your situation, then please only consider these few products that we have personally seen installed. Have a utility knife with a package of new blades at the ready. Ron is a personal friend of mine, and I know that he takes pride in his work and deals fairly with his customers. So, let’s begin. Just peel the paper off and stick the tiles down. Other applications may have better results. It's extremely difficult to mop the floor because the tiles don't lie down flat, especially at the edges, where they're crammed up against the wall. Peel-and-stick flooring tiles often come loose over time if the underlayment is not solid and clean. Pros & Cons of Peel and Stick Tiles. You might think that mesh on the back of the tile makes installation a breeze but that’s not the case – trust me on this one. Without a doubt Ron is the man to use for any tile work !! If you go forward and install the peel and stick tiles, I'd recommend using an additional adhesive in high traffic areas. My mother and I bought a cheap box of tiles for my bathroom. It’s really challenging to install self-adhesive vinyl tiles completely tight. We tried and mucked it up badly enough that we bought new quarter-round anyhow. Unlike vinyl peel and stick … Then I'd call the other stores in the area and ask the same questions. Talk to the people at the store where you buy the tile. Check out the books and video(s) and look at them for the same counsel from one or more sources. Other types of vinyl flooring include glue down, sheet vinyl, and interlocking tiles. I can’t stress this enough. Pros It's affordable, compared to ceramic, stone or porcelain. Jennifer in NC, The biggest problem we've found with peel and stick tiles is that they separate at the seams pretty quickly. We’ve seen quite a bit of the peel and stick backsplash tiles and peel and stick floor tile over the years on different jobs. If you think you can save money by preserving the quarter-round at the base of the walls, don't try. This tool was the most useful we had when we laid our new floor, and we'll use it again in our new home when we re-floor the laundry room. Think this is going to look just like tile. It's cheaper to buy the tiles you need for your floor instead of ceramic or laminate. CONS: Without a proper maintenance program to keep the material clean, the energy … The strength of the glues used can increase the holding power of the tiles, but stronger glues may also be … in Illinois. What Financing Options Are Available for Bathroom Remodeling? The tiles will end up shifting regardless of what you do. This will help the tiles adhere better to the floor. The paint needs time to cure for at least a month. It’s not every day that you are sad to see your contractor go, but that is exactly what will happen when you work with Ron. Ron – I get that there are situations and budgets that may merit this type of tile installation. Ours looked nice for a long time (we have since moved) and my sister's floor looks fabulous. But the truth is there are several issues that I have seen come up over and over again. We recently sold our home and moved two states away, but before we listed the old house, we re-floored the kitchen with peel and stick tiles. We hate to make an investment of money, time, and labor on something that is not going to hold up for the long term. So what's the advantage? Only a few supplies needed for installing self-adhesive carpet tiles. It wasn't sticky and attracting any dirt, but it looked bad. Of course, putting the floor down properly in the first place would probably have eliminated most of these problems. Thanks, so much Ron! Although more costly up front… Your AWESOME !!! If you want to use regular peel and stick tiles, I wouldn't get the super cheap ones and it'd probably be best to apply an adhesive. Installation is a no-brainer, although cutting around corners is tricky. This would be true if you want more than just color through paint, and you need something easier to clean than straight paint such as behind a sink or behind a stove (though they are not recommended behind a gas stove). Besides being a skilled tradesman, Ron is a great person. The base must be smooth or you will see and feel the imperfections through the floor. Easy and fast application. Peel and stick vinyl plank floor is also called “pressure sensitive” flooring in the professional flooring world. My husband is remodeling the same bathroom that we put the tiles in and he had a really hard time pulling up the tiles we had laid. to the Dollar Stretcher newsletter and get a copyof our ebook Little Luxuries:130 Ways to Live Better...For Less for FREE! Peel-and-stick vinyl tile can be installed over other materials quickly, requiring less demolition. We started from the middle and worked outward. Newer vinyl flooring can also be grouted to give the look of a real tile floor. Ron – This really does seem to be the best scenario but even still you’re going to have a huge job on your hands getting all the adhesive off when it’s time to remove them. Where to Find the Best Tile Suppliers for Your Tile Installation, What You Need To Know About Black Mold In Your Bathroom. We laid Armstrong peel and stick tiles over existing sheet vinyl in our kitchen. Clement, Related: Preparing a Subfloor for Vinyl Tiles. As with anything, the quality of the finished job depends on condition of the subfloor and how careful you are when laying the tiles (getting them evenly spaced). When they contacted the manufacturer, they were told that it was installed improperly and needed more adhesive. The TDS ebook, Join those who 'live better...for less' - Subscribe to. We called Armstrong, but were told it was caused by our installation technique. First of all, the adhesive often breaks down. I'm told these won't pull apart like that. Most require no waxing. If you’re looking to have any tile work done look no further Ron the owner of Tile with a smile is you’re guy !!! Something else you may want to look into is Peel and Stick Tile that is actually glass tile with a sticky adhesive backing. Pros of peel-and-stick backsplash. If you have a solid colored tile, it is easiest. Peel-and-stick vinyl tile can be installed over other materials quickly, requiring less demolition. Ron has truly made our home a beautiful place to live and we will be forever grateful to him for it. You’ll be so glad you make the investment in something that will last and that will add to the value of your home not subtract. My father is meticulous in everything he does and had built the whole house. The subfloor must be very smooth and clean. It is believed that peel and stick vinyl tiles are only good for … Do they really stick? Paint or prime right before installing – paint must thoroughly cure. You are going to have a hard time finding a more professional, skilled, honest, enjoyable and fair tile specialist. He gave us great pointers, and saved us a ton of money. Ron – I have demoed a ton of that type of tile and I will tell you what happens with it over time. Write down that person's name, phone number, date, time of call, and their recommendations. Our apartment has this kind of floor in the kitchen, and I hate it. We hope it helps you answer some of the common questions regarding backsplash tiles, and whether they’re a good option or not. We were going to do laminate or hardwood, but realized that if someone bought our house and hated the kitchen floor (no matter what it was), it would be easier to remove vinyl and replace it. How Smart Bathroom Devices Can Upgrade Your Throne Room, 15 Design Tips to Know Before Remodeling A Small Bathroom. Should we add more adhesive when applying them? He knew that he had followed the installation instructions exactly. Peel and stick tiles are simply tiles that you peel and stick to the desired surface. We exchanged it, but we also bought more than we thought we'd need and returned the unopened box. Same is true for an adhesive floor tile installation. They then reinstalled them. There must be no gaps between the last tile and the wall, which is very difficult to do. Tile with a smile is a company that lives up to its name. We didn't find it a problem other than it looked bad. Placement can be critical as well. The same goes for traditional grouted tiles, but peel and stick wall tiles and flooring do not have the same effect. In other words, it would be about the same amount of work as laying sheet vinyl instead, and it would cost about the same too. • Maintenance: Regular sweeping, vacuuming and mopping can maintain this flooring for many years. Just don't let water stand on the floor. You are going to need to have a tile cutter to do the job. Carol. Or not so Smart? At one point several of the tiles peeled off completely, so the landlord put new ones down, and since the old ones had become discolored, the new bright white ones contrast sharply with the old ones. Finally, the manufacturer sent out some installers to "do it right." The hairdryer, aimed at the adhesive on the bottom of the tile, will warm it up enough so that you can slide it around if you mismatch your pattern. Which is the Best: Marble or Tile for Flooring? Even if you think your walls are clean there’s always grease in every kitchen or even bathroom so really scrub that wall. As far as needing any extra adhesive, I wouldn't recommend it. The installation on these is going to be slightly more involved than the peel and stick sheet tiles. They had to heat the tiles and get them back up, which is quite a job! Based on our analysis, we’ve curated a list of the pros and cons of these peel-and-stick self-adhesive fixtures. Home 101: When Is the Best Time To Remodel? We took up all the old tiles and made sure the wooden subfloor was really clean. Needless to say, it turned out beautiful. For someone on an extremely limited budget or someone in a rental property self-adhesive wall tile might seem like a great idea. It's also easier to replace. We were so pleased in our dealings with Ron we accepted his estimate right away. Try going to Lowe's, Home Depot or some other large home maintenance store and talk to someone in that department. We had used their product to strip the glossy finish from the preexisting floor. Many people find the adhesive doesn’t stick well and the tiles fall off so be sure to prep the wall. No special care is needed after the floor is down. Pros It's affordable, compared to ceramic, stone or porcelain. If you have electrical outlets you will have to cut the tiles to fit around them. Basically, it just means that the adhesive has already been applied to the flooring (either in long strips or all over the back of the floor), and it’s applied to your flooring … Just peel and stick and voila! We laid "underlayment." I ended up with one eighth to one quarter inch spaces between some tiles. The most common DIY method is peel-and-stick, where a backing is removed from the vinyl before it is pressed onto the floor. We additionally used vinyl adhesive troweled on the surface to make sure they stayed in place. After that, it isn’t pretty. We would like to hear pros/cons on vinyl tiles. However, putting it down properly would involve taking out all the fixtures, removing all the baseboards, preparing the subfloor, sticking the tiles on (carefully lining them up to avoid gaps), and then putting everything back. Although more costly up front, going with vinyl to begin with will save you money (and many headaches) in the long run. Amy. Ron does the best work I have ever seen and only does the job to 100% perfection. For another flooring option that looks like hardwood but offers more durability at … Any help and direction will be greatly appreciated. They generally know what's good and what's not. A renter had used peel and stick tile backsplash over drywall thinking they could be removed when they left. The good thing about these tiles is that if you get tired of them, simply peel … ADA Showers: Is ADA Compliance Necessary? I was concerned that using peel and stick flooring could cause more. And after a few weeks, the new ones just started peeling up again. If we find more spaces to tile in our home, Tile With A Smile will be the only call we make. My parents finally gave up and put down rolled vinyl and are happy with it. This worked. As far as tile projects go, installing a backsplash is really one of the easiest. After about four or more calls, I'd look for the same counsel and make my decision from there. If one or two tiles become damaged or stained, it’s easy enough to remove them and replace them with new tiles. Use the caulking in between each tile as a grout “substitute”. Ceramic tiles or glass tiles as well as some other contemporary kitchen backsplash options will require a certain amount of skill and knowledge as well as some additional materials – tile adhesive… The only fix for this (and it is a temporary one) is to heat the offending tiles and shift them back into their own space. It worked out really well. … Rent a tile saw from either Home Depot or Lowe’s for a minimal charge and you’re good to go. Simply peel and stick! They aren’t trying to be something that they will never be. Recently we had a surge of customers asking what our thoughts were on peel and stick tile. Peel and stick tiles are a nightmare for areas that get traffic. Also, run a bead of caulk along the top to keep any moisture from penetrating down into the tile adhesive from above. Backsplash tile stickers pros… The kitchen and dining room, along with most bathrooms, definitely fall into this category. They actually look good and aren’t too challenging to install. Ron is a complete joy to work with in all aspects of your project. The smaller the space, the better. We learned: Should I use a HELOC for home remodeling and repairs? You will also want a little bit of "fudge space" in case you mangle a tile or two; you don't want to have to run to the store in the middle of a project because you wrecked the only extra tile you had and now you're short! Adhesives are only rated to last so long, so things like heat from a stove or direct sunlight all day long could cause tiles to sag or pop loose … Peel-and-stick carpet tiles add softness and warmth without the expense of full carpeting. The kitchen and dining room, along with most bathrooms, definitely fall into this category. Make sure there are no nails sticking up. The benefits of vinyl plank flooring over out-dated peel-and-stick tile is a much-improved, thicker wear layer, with a water-resistant core, and … Vinyl flooring can be installed in several different ways. If you have a wooden subfloor, you'll want to apply the equivalent of mastic to the wood to fill in natural divots in the wood. Luxury vinyl tile can cost as much as some standard hardwood or ceramic tile. Do you need to finance your home remodel? ... Cons of peel-and-stick backsplash. Tools that you will need for installation: Save some money on installation costs, find a REAL tile that you like and install something that will last. I have pulled out some pretty disgusting stuff. Carpet versus Tile – Should you ditch your carpet? The installers could see that the right amount of adhesive had been used in the first installation. Cons • Cost: Don’t think inexpensive vinyl flooring or “peel and stick” tiles. While it’s possible to cut out … How To Choose The Best Tiles For Your Shower? Not cool having tile that’s un-level in your kitchen. Pay off debt faster and for less interest, use a HELOC for home remodeling and repairs.
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