The Ghana Education Center (GEC) is one-stop website for all tertiary education information in Ghana. Expiry Date                   :  20th December 2018 The Board is mandated to: Over 20,000 Ghanaian students apply to the universities in the USA every year. Investigations have revealed that these certificates are fake, as the institutions supposed to have issued them do not exist. Renewable Natural Resources Management (Fisheries and Aquatic Resources), MPhil. Information and Communication Technology (ICT), M.A. Certificate Awarded by  :   Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, Location                       :   Brekuso Certificate Awarded by  :   University of Education, Winneba, Location                        :  Akim Oda Email:, WEBSITE: Agriculture with Options in Animal Production,Crop Production,Horticulture ,Abribusiness, MPhil/PhD Social Forestry and Environmental Governance, MPhil Animal Science (Microbiology & Immunology), MPhil Animal Science (Range and Forage Science), MPhil Animal Science (Meat science and Technology), MPhil Animal Science (Breeding and Genetics), B.Sc. E-mail :, Date of Accreditation     :   1st September, 2014 Certificates Awarded : Masters Degrees, Bachelors, Diplomas and Professional Certificates. 233-0302-518630 A “Chartered” institute/institution implies one that has been granted certain rights and privileges by the President or the Legislature to operate as such. P. O. For example, the Institute of Chartered Accountants, Ghana is backed by Act 170 of 1963, while the Chartered Institute Marketing, Ghana is a branch of the mother Institute in the United Kingdom. NBTE National Board for Technical Education Nigeria . The Board issues a specific letter or certificate to an institution indicating its accreditation status and the period for which the status is valid. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.”>, EMAIL :This email address is being protected from spambots. EMAIL:, First date of Accreditation   :   1st July 2016, Tele. Accredit both public and private (tertiary) institutions with regard to the contents and standards of their programmes. It is based on a thorough system of assessment and on-site inspection by independent experts. Email :, First Accreditation          :  1st November, 2007 Environment and Natural Resources Advisory Council, This page was last edited on 19 August 2020, at 04:55. Certificates Awarded :PhD, Masters, Bachelor’s Degrees, and Diplomas, Post Office Box 25 Website :,, Location                        :  Dominase – Kumasi As one of its mandates, NAB evaluates certificates and qualifications awarded by institutions in Ghana or elsewhere to establish comparability. Certificate Awarded by  :   Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, Location                       :   Kaneshie Academic City College National Media Commission located in Accra, Ghana. Legon – Accra Fax: 021 405805 / 400457 Fax:03321-32484 To obtain this legal status, the institute’s statutes, examination procedures, quality assurance standards, etc are subjected to Parliamentary scrutiny. WHAT TO KNOW ABOUT THE NATIONAL ACCREDITATION BOARD (NAB). Period                          :   Five (5) years The National Accreditation Board provides a list of many public and private institutions registered with them. In the first place, Section 1 of the Education (Amendment) Act; 1965 states among other things that “No person shall establish a private institution without prior approval of the Minister of Education.”, Secondly, Regulation 19(2) of L. I. DISREGARD MISLEADING VIDEO OF DISPOSAL OF “BALLOTS” BY THE ELECTORAL COMMISSION ACCREDITATION FOR THE 2020 PRESIDENTIAL & PARLIAMENTARY ELECTIONS COVERAGE Press update — misleading video on social media Press update —Ashiaman provisional list contains details of MP Voters exhibition exercise — delays in receiving voter details through SMS platform Exhibition of … Natural Resources (Ecotourism, Wood Science and Forest Product, Social Forestry, Land Reclamation options), B.Sc. Fax: +233-51-60137,37833 Certificate Awarded by   :  Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, Location                        :  Community 18 off Spentex Road Integrated Development Studies(Social and Development Administration Option), MPhil. What type of institutions does NAB accredit? Adabraka,  Accra, Ghana DANAK is the national accreditation body in Denmark appointed by The Danish Safety Technology Authority, under the Ministry of Industry, Business and Financial Affairs. East Legon Certificates Awarded : PhD, Masters, Bachelors Degrees, and Diplomas, PMB Cape Coast Accreditation Handbook Page 3 of 28 Section 602.10 - Link to Federal programs The agency must demonstrate that: (a) If the agency accredits institutions of higher education, its accreditation is a required element in enabling at least one of those institutions to … Until recently, there was no national accreditation program for public health departments. Environmental and Safety Engineering, B.Sc. SCHOOL OF BUSINESS JOINS ASSOCIATION TO ADVANCE COLLEGIATE SCHOOLS OF BUSINESS. Accreditation is a system of according recognition to an educational institution for meeting satisfactory standards in performance, integrity and quality. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.”>, WEBSITE: Period                          :   Three (3) years The center is managed by university lecturers with over 10 years of tertiary education experience. Abena Ateaa Tower, Ring Road Central Merely registering a name at the Registrar-General’s Department does not confer a Charter status. Cantonments – Accra, Tel. The legislation has since been replaced by the National Accreditation Board Act, 2007, Act 744. Date of Accreditation      :  1st April, 2015 1700 adds that:  “Any person or institution that contravenes any provision of Sub-regulation (2) commits an offence and is liable on summary conviction to a fine not exceeding 250 penalty units”. Legon – Accra Expiry Date                  :   31st December, 2017 Business Administration (Accounting and Finance), B.Eng. Date of Accreditation     :   1st September, 2011 Fax: 0302-250649, Email: Section 55 of PNDCL 236 provides for the establishment of the Narcotics Control Board (NACOB) now known Narcotics Control Commission (NACOC), Act 1019 was established in November, 1990 as the central coordinating body for dealing with the rising incidence of … The Joint Review Committee on Education in Radiologic Technology (JRCERT) promotes excellence in education and elevates quality and safety of patient care through the accreditation of educational programs in radiography, radiation therapy, magnetic resonance, and medical dosimetry. It is expected to provide advanced academic and/or professional instruction and conduct research (especially in the universities) in the sciences, social sciences, humanities and career-focused programmes. serve as the Quality Assurance body at the tertiary education level. P. O. While the primary role of the Boards is to protect the public, the Boards are also responsible for registering practitioners and students, as well as other functions, for their professions. As the national accreditation body DANAK is responsible for accreditation of: laboratories, certification bodies, inspection bodies and verification bodies. Seven public universities and twenty-one private institutions are also accredited by the National Accreditation Board ( to award Bachelor’s degrees. Preparing for accreditation gives your organization an opportunity to identify its strengths and areas for improvement. Date of Accreditation     :   1st September, 2016 What does the NAB do about the recognition of certificates? Certificate Awarded by   :  University of Ghana, Location                       :   Cantonments By law, all public and private tertiary institutions must seek accreditation. Perform any other functions determined by the Minister. Ho, Volta Region Biotechnology and Molecular Biology, BSc. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.”>, EMAIL :This email address is being protected from spambots. What is a Chartered Institute/Institution? Tel; +233-302-401681-3/021 401681 / 401682 / 402540 Period                           :  Three (3) years 233-0302-286014, Fax: 233-0302-518629 Period                          :   Three (3) years Create distinction among competition Differentiating your organization from other healthcare providers in your field can show your dedication to improving patient outcomes and safety. In recent times, the Board has received certificates acquired online for evaluation. Email:, Analyze the intent of each of the following TJC areas of focus. Period                           :  Three (3) years Overseen by state licensing board or agency. Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Bachelor of Business Administration ( Marketing and Information Technology), Bachelor of Business Administration (Banking and Finance and Information Technology), Bachelor of Business Administration ( Entrepreneurship and Information Technology), Bachelor of Business Administration ( Human Resource Management and Information Technology), Bachelor of Business Administration (E-Commerce). Certificates Awarded : PhD, Masters, Bachelors Degrees, and Diplomas, Post Office Box 1350, WHO publishes its first ever list of antibiotic-resistant “priority pathogens” As a critical Sector of the economy, the Ministry of Health seeks to improve the health status of all people living in Ghana thereby contributing to Government’s vision of universal health coverage and a healthy population. The National Accreditation Board was established by the Government of Ghana in 1993 with the enactment of PNDCL 317, 1993. The Ghana Standards Authority (GSA) was established by the Standards Decree, 1973 (NRCD 173) as Ghana Standards Board, changing it from its previous name, National Standards Board as it was when first established in August, 1967. Email, EMAIL :This email address is being protected from spambots. The Board also publishes information about accredited institutions from time to time in the national newspapers and the Gazette. Medical Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, B.Sc. Regulation 19(3) of L. I. Renewable Natural Resources Management (Range and Wildlife Management), BSc. What is a Tertiary Institution? 233-0302-286013 Advise the President on the grant of a Charter to a private tertiary institution. Accredits hospitals. The main objective of a tertiary institution is to train people to be capable of critical thinking, acquire knowledge and skills and also to be able to undertake research that will be beneficial for the development of the community and to advance the frontiers of knowledge. The National Labour Commission (NLC) is established under Section 135 of the Labour Act, 2003 (Act 651). Determine, in consultation with the appropriate institution or body, the programme and requirements for the proper operation of that institution and the maintenance of acceptable levels of academic or professional standards. The center is the go-to place for all information on tertiary education in Ghana. Tel: +233 302 500 171 / +233 302 500 722 / +233 302 500 723 Environmental and Resources Management, B.A. Expiry Date                  :   31st August, 2017 How does one ascertain the accreditation status of an institution? ORGANISATIONAL STRUCTURE OF THE GHANA HEALTH SERVICE AT NATIONAL LEVEL ==INTRODUCTION== today we shall discuss the structure and function of the GHS when you qualify as community health nurses you will be working within the ghana health service so you need to know the stucture and functoins so you will better understand the system Management Information Systems (MIS), B.Sc. Website:, The University of Cape Coast School of Business has become a member of the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of. Certificates Awarded : Diplomas, Bachelors, Masters and PhD Degrees. They have benefited from advice offered by assessors selected by NAB. ... .” 19 Among its functions were acc reditation and inspection of . Mission. According to the Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA), “Accreditation is a Box CT 3256 Online Reservation of Accommodation and Subsequent Payment at the Bank, The Gambia Technical Training Institute: Admission of candidates to Undergraduate Degree Programmes for the 2020/2021 Academic Year, UCC 3 Semester Programme: How to Login to the E-learning Portal, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.”>, B.Sc. The public institutions are all under the responsibility of the National Council for Tertiary Education (NCTE). P. O. Certificate Awarded by  :   NABPTEX, First date of Accreditation          :  1st February,  2009, Accra Campus Winneba, Ghana Employers, institutions, parents and individuals are therefore advised to be wary of such online qualifications and endeavour to seek information from the National Accreditation Board. Patient Safety/National … The National Accreditation Board (NAB) of Ghana is the Government of Ghana agency responsible for the regulation, supervision and accreditation of tertiary institutions in Ghana. What is special about NAB Accredited Institutions? Box AH 50 Expiry Date                   :  22nd November, 2018 Since September 2011, the Public Health Accreditation Board (PHAB) has recognized health departments that meet national standards that ensure they provide essential public health services in their communities. Box LG 149 Tel +233 3220 60021, +233 3220 60137 What is the penalty for operating an institution without accreditation? Expiry Date                   :  30th November, 2017 PMB 31 Period                           :  Three (3) years National Accreditation Board for Hospitals & Healthcare Providers (NABH) is a constituent board of Quality Council of India (QCI), set up to establish and operate accreditation programme for healthcare organizations. Business Consulting and Enterprise Risk Management, M.Sc./M.Phil Educational and Leadership Science, M.Sc. 103 of 1992. Tamale, Ghana Certificate Awarded by   :  University for Development Studies, Location                        :  Accra Campus The Government of Ghana enacted the Narcotics Drugs (Control, Enforcement and Sanctions) Law, 1990/PNDC Act 236 in 1990 (PNDCL 236). GEC is concerned with the tertiary education needs of all its clients. Box AD 421 Date of Accreditation      :  21st December 2015 233-0302-518570 Environmental and Resources Management, M.A. Period                           :  Three (3) years Integrated Development Studies (Entrepreneurship Option), B.A. Tel: 036219042/036219043 Certificate Awarded by   :  University of Cape Coast, Location                        :  East Legon Tel: 233-332322271 ,+233-332322270 Email:  Admission requirements, usually demand an applicant obtaining an aggregate score of 24 or better in six (6) subjects, including English, Mathematics and Integrated Science/Social Studies at the SSSCE level or three (3) A-level passes with a total aggregate of 14 plus General Paper are the minimum requirements for admission into the public universities. Date of Accreditation     :   1st January, 2013 NAB grants accreditation for periods of up to five years to institutions, depending on the state of facilities and resources – human and material – available to them – and the degrees of deficiencies identified by assessors. NAB The National Accreditation Board Ghana . The recommendation stated that the Board be formed to:[2], Accredited Public and Private Institutions, Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, University of Energy and Natural Resources, Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration, African University College of Communication, Anglican University College of Technology, Catholic Institute of Business and Technology, Evangelical Presbyterian University College, Heritage Christian University College (HCUC), Institute of Business Management and Journalism, Institute of Development and Technology Management, Millar Institute For Transdisciplinary and Development Studies, Regent University College of Science and Technology, S S Peter and Paul Pastoral and Social Institute, University College of Agriculture and Environmental Studies, Wisconsin International University College, Ghana, "University of Applied Management, Ghana Campus", "Private Tertiary Institutions Offering Degree Prog", National Disaster Management Organization, Ghana Space Science and Technology Centre, Council for Scientific and Industrial Research, Savannah Accelerated Development Authority, Ministry of Environment, Science, Technology and Innovation,, Wikipedia articles with WORLDCATID identifiers, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, contribute to the furtherance of better management of tertiary education. Institutions that have been accredited by NAB are those that have demonstrated their commitment to the maintenance of acceptable standards. Deemed Status. The Chartered Institute of Administration – Nigeria was chartered by Decree No. The PAB embraces the following five core values: . Certificates Awarded : Masters Degrees, Bachelors, Diplomas and Professional Certificates. Such an institution is normally made up of teaching staff, administrators, non-teaching academic and non-academic support staff. What is Accreditation? Period                           :  Three (3) years Date of Accreditation      :  1st July 2016 EMAIL :This email address is being protected from spambots. The letter also specifies the various programmes and levels at which each accredited institution should offer them. Agricultural Mechanization Technology, Bachelor of Commerce with options in Management, Accounting, Finance, and Procurement and Supply Chain Management, Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBChB), B.Sc. Consequently, the National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC) was established in 1994 as an autonomous institution of the University Grants Commission (UGC) with its Head Quarter in Bengaluru. Standards: The accrediting agency, in collaboration with its communities of interest, establishes … The GSA is the National Statutory Body responsible for Metrology, Standards, Testing, Inspection and Certification. No. (a) Advertise or continue to advertise or in any manner hold itself out to the public as a tertiary institution; (b) admit or continue to admit students or conduct courses or programmes of instruction leading to an award of certificates, diplomas or degrees; (c) continue to operate as a tertiary institution where the institution’s authorisation, accreditation or registration has been suspended or revoked; or. Expiry Date                  :   31st August, 2017 The Planning Accreditation Board’s (PAB) mission is to promote excellence among planning programs and ensure high quality education for future urban planners.Core Values. NIAHO is the name of DNVHC's hospital accreditation program. The list of colleges accredited by NAB is the most reliable guide in choosing between the many private and public tertiary institutions. They are the only ones that would be recommended by NAB and the Ministry of Education to parents, guardians and students looking for serious and reliable tertiary institutions and to overseas institutions enquiring about quality of certificates/diplomas/degrees. NAB accredits all categories of tertiary institutions, be they universities, university colleges, polytechnics, colleges, schools, institutions, academies, or tutorial colleges. Fax: +233-3123 20323, WEBSITE: Expiry Date                  :   31st October, 2010, Post Office AN-19782 Accra-North Tel: +233 302 913227/+233 302 913227/+233 302 786022/+233 302 786022/+233 302 786053 Period                          :   Three (3) years Tel: 03321-32440/4 or 32480/3 The information can also be obtained from the Secretariat of the National Accreditation Board. In recent times, the Ghana National Accreditation Board (NAB from now on) has come under an immense public scrutiny for what the public may have rightly perceived as its failure to perform its gatekeeping role in safeguarding the credibility of educational products sold to the Ghanaian public by some unaccredited educational institutions. Applied Statistics (Distance Learning), MPhil/PhD Environmental and Resources Management, M.A.Environmental and Resources Management, B.A. Web Site : The National Accreditation Board of Ghana insists on the existence of Quality Assurance as one of the critical requirements for institutional accreditation … It is an agency under the Ministry of Education. Email:, Main Campus (Accra) : +233-3123 20324/20280 As soon as local politicians and economists saw political independence in sight in the mid 1950's the agitation for a central bank was revived. Expiry Date                   :  31st March, 2018 Expiry Date                  :   31st August, 2016 Global markets and spirits are up with the news that two COVID-19 vaccines have shown to … You need JavaScript enabled to view it.”>, Tel. Further information on accreditation matters may be obtained from: The Executive Secretary Tel: +233 302- 253630/31; +233 289-542433 : (+233-200 00 35 55/200 00 30 55/248 77 88 66, 248 77 79 89) Publish as it considers appropriate the list of accredited public and private institutions at the beginning of the calendar year. National Accreditation Board While all of the ten existing polytechnics are public, only eight out of 33 universities are. It invited the Panel to review its activities and recommend steps that would enhance its role as Ghana’s premier university and research institution and The 5 major healthcare accreditation organizations are: Accreditation is a process by which an impartial organization will review a company’s operations to ensure that the company is conducting business in a manner that is consistent with national standards. The mission of the voluntary national accreditation program is to improve and protect the health of the public by advancing and transforming the quality and performance of governmental public health agencies in the U.S. and abroad. Certificate Awarded by  :   University of Cape Cost, Location                       :   Osu ... National Integrated Accreditation for Healthcare Organizations. Certificates Awarded : PhD, Masters, Bachelors Degrees, and Diplomas, P.O.Box.LG 25 The board was formed in 1993. Date of Accreditation     :   1st September, 2012 Period                          :   Five (5) years The National Media Commission is a Government of Ghana agency mandated with the responsibility of registering, regulating and monitoring the activities of media houses in Ghana.The current chairman of the commission is ace and veteran journalist, Mr Kwesi Gyan-Appenteng.. Overview. Tel: +233-302-500177 Accreditation is a sign of quality and is an important consideration in their The Central Bank of Ghana traces its roots to the Bank of the Gold Coast (BCG), where it was nurtured. Renewable Natural Resources Management (Ecotourism and Environmental Management), BSc. Logistic and Supply Chain Management, B.Sc. Business Administration (Business Information System), B.Sc./MBA Business Information Technology, M.Sc. Each health profession that is part of the National Registration and Accreditation Scheme is represented by a National Board.. Simply put, the institution must have the physical, material, financial and human resources for the delivery of quality education so that students in possession of the requisite entry qualifications have a reasonable chance of entering and passing the stipulated examinations at the end of their studies. 1700 (2002) states that: “ The Trinity Health System School of Medical Laboratory Science is in the initial phase of accreditation with the National Accrediting Agency for Clinical Laboratory Science (NAACLS). National Media Commission Address, Phone number, Email, Website, Reviews, Contacts, Location. Integrated Development Studies with Entrepreneurship Option, B.Sc. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), in partnership with the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation External, is supporting the implementation of a national voluntary accreditation program for state, tribal, local, and territorial health departments.The Public Health Accreditation Board External (PHAB), a nonprofit 501(c)3 entity, serves as the independent accrediting body. Date of Accreditation      :  23rd November, 2015 (d) otherwise embark upon or continue with any activity preparatory to the establishment of facilities for tertiary education. : +233 303 961 788 Expiry Date                  :   31st August, 2021 Agriculture ( Animal Science Management), Diploma in Agriculture (Animal Production and Health), M.Phil Molecular Biology of Infectious Diseases, Ph.D Molecular Biology of Infectious Diseases, B.Sc. Greenhill, Accra [1] Its formation was promoted by the 1991 Government white paper on Reforms to the Tertiary Education System of Ghana. The Accrediting Procedure: 1. Period                          :   Five (5) years International Relations and Diplomacy, Executive Masters of Business Administration (EMBA), MBA Operation and Supply Chain Management, Postgraduate Diploma in Management Information Systems, Executive Masters in Public Administration, Executive Master in Governance and Leadership, MSc./MPhil. The University of Ghana requested a visitation by an international panel because of the perceived deterioration of its teaching and learning functions and the quality of its operations generally. The National Inspectorate Board (NIB) is an agency of the Ministry of Education mandated by Parliament to provide an independent external evaluation of the quality and standards in basic and second cycle educational institutions in the country on a periodic basis. The Board has well-laid out and elaborate mechanisms to determine the authenticity and comparability of both local and foreign educational certificates.
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